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суть продвижения сайтов

суть продвижения сайтов

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When in a start of motion the forward wheel about it learn gauges of number of turns on various value of frequency of rotation of wheels rotates. The combined block of management ABS and EDS puts in action a disk brake on a turned wheel. It is carried out at the expense of additional pair of electromagnetic valves in hydraulic module ABS. ABS opens connection from a pressure collector to the wheel cylinder of a corresponding disk brake until the wheel will not be braked so that other forward wheel can transfer effort. As soon as on both wheels there are identical conditions of proslipping, the management block finishes process of adjustment and closes electromagnetic valves. The driver does not need to interfere, he notices differential blocking only on change of character of noise. To exclude failure, EDS it is supervised by the blocking scheme. On the basis of pressure of brakes, and also after the established maximum period of time EDS it is disconnected to avoid an overload of brakes. For the speed over 40 km/h EDS it is disconnected always. Schemes of electromagnetic valves so are calculated that forward brakes cannot work without the control. If the management block distinguishes failure in work EDS EDS it is disconnected. The antiblocking system continues to function. In all cases Audi it is ready to braking at any time. The device of storing of malfunctions works the same as is described in section about ABS.

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